Are You Having Central Heating Problems?

  • Cold areas on your radiators
  • Some or all of your radiators not working
  • Noisey boiler and or pump
  • Your boiler keeps cutting out
  • your system is slow to heat up
  • dark off colour water in your system

A Power Flush Can Help

A Power Flush is a process designed to rid your central heating system of sludge and other contaminants which build up over time. these system contaminants can prevent your central heating system from functioning properly.

Get rid of blockages for improved circulation and a warmer home

Experience quicker heat up times for your radiators

Increase the lifespan of your heating system components like your boiler and pump

Reduce your heating bills due to increased efficiency of central heating system


1How Long Will it take?
The length of time will vary depending on the size of the system (number of radiators) as well as how contaminated the system is. The majority of power flushes are completed well within a day.
2How Much does it Cost?
The price of a power flush Is calculated primarily on the size of the system (number of radiators) however other factors such as the type of central heating system may effect pricing due to the extra care needed to tackle certain systems.